We create audio-visual content and develop ideas or manage projects until its finish line by teaming up with professional freelancers to get the job done.

Valquire Christopher Veljkovic (CEO, Data Analyst, Media Artist)

Audio-visual content production

We create video, photography and audio content for cinema, music and fashion industry and brands.

Data Analysis and business intelligence

We analyze data to visualize and understand the present, past and future.

Project Management

We're managing projects creatively and agile for IT and media until it's finish line with an eye on your budget.

Web and app development

We're here for your mobile, ecommerce or web project, using the technology that fits best.

Our clients

Brands and companies

Orchestral Tools, Boilerroom, InMusic Brands (M-Audio, Akai Pro, Denon DJ and more), Cortal Consors, Patrick Mohr, Kollateralschaden, Tata Christiane, Nineteen95 management, BP Holding, Force Royale records, HappyDigits, Kastellamedia, Customer Data Analysis, TAXiAD, Sony Music Japan, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Qype, Fitcom, Splendid Rec., Pale Music Int., Svarta Svanen, Pari Productions, Centurymedia records UK, Ralph Lauren / Vice Events, Prince Charles Berlin, Gosee Marketing fair, Windmills & Giants, AN!MAL, Noize Fabrik, Springstoff, DeltaQ, Testcloud, Fyber, Aegis:Net IT Services, mangocon Ltd., Spark & Shine Records, Elektron Synthesizer, Waterkant Festival, Papenwohld Artist Residency, AWAKENINGS Festival, WISE, MYP / Jonas Meyer, MOD Devices, Expedition Grundeinkommen, Deutsche Botschaft in Beijing, Berta.Berlin

People, artists and bands we've worked with/for

Alexander Hacke, Anchor & Burden, Candice Gordon, A.S. Fanning, Sebastiano Toma (productions), Drescher & Wemmser, Bullet Height, Jen Evans, Yasmin Gate, losers, Ana Ana, AUTIST, Welovemachines, IAMX, Aniaetleprogrammeur, Noblesse Oblige, Die Wilde Jagd, Lychee Lassi, Nana Kitade, ZIZ CIE. dance collective, Revolver dance compagnie, James Cook, Giana Brotherz, GRAU, Sannie Est, Modeselektor, Local Suicide, Zardonic, Tanith, DJ Hell, Joe Brunning, Pan Pot, Mathew Jonson, Sven Marquardt, Joplyn, Lie Ning, Mona Rübsamen, November Band, Beat Halberschmidt

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